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Vital International
We Offer Effective Solutions to Protect Your Home & Office.
Smart Security Systems For The Modern World
Vital International, founded in 2002, specializes in CCTV security Surveillance System supply, installation, and maintenance.
Vital International
Home Security Products Everyone Can Install, Afford, And Use!
Best Practices For All Business Security Systems
We provide security requirements of residential, commercial and other clients, with the largest assortment of security cameras and alarm systems installation.

More than 20 Years of Experience and Skills

We have more than 20 years of expertise in the CCTV industry. We have over 250 professionals, all of them are fully qualified to serve you with the best service and knowledge. Don’t worry about any thing, our security experts will install your new system, activate it, and show you how to use it.

Vital: Present Several Solutions Based On The Needs Of Our Customers

Complete CCTV System
Access Control & Time Attendance
Pubic Address System & Video Conference
Visitor & Parking Management System
Home Automation & Video Intercom
Sesurity Inspection System
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We are always customer-focused organization. We intend to provide more innovative products and solutions for all vertical markets by investing heavily in innovation. Vital is dedicated to creating value for customers. With comprehensive marketing, sales, and service system, we are committed to providing better and faster-responding services for our customers.
Find peace of mind with 24/7 support
We provides clients with various solutions based on their needs and demands.
Our company’s success is related to the level of customer service we provide and the quality of the work we do. Paying attentive attention to our customers’ demands has been the cornerstone for building outstanding relationships and earning future business possibilities. Keeping this in mind, our entire team participates actively in every project we complete, from the initial site survey through the delivery of test and “as-built” documentation. Our company is committed to not only meeting but exceeding our customers’ expectations.
As the leader in home security, we can help you customize a home security system to meet your safety needs. Schedule A Visit
Find Peace Of Mind With Smart Home Security System

Integrated Security Solutions & Remote Monitoring 24/7

Total Control Over Securing Your Business
Providing The Best Practices for Industry Security Protocols & Standardizing Procedures.
We can partner with you to design and implement a scalable integrated security solution that addresses your toughest security challenges, while gaining efficiencies across your systems and teams by standardizing platforms and implementing event-driving system automation and powerful solutions help
Access control systems - Fire detection alarms
Critical equipment condition monitoring systems
Video surveillance systems - Carbon sensors
Protect Your Home
Protect Your Home!

All The Essentials To Help Give You Peace Of Mind.

Easy to setup and use
Environmental Sensorss
Touch Screen Panel
Emergency notification
Just Don’t Worry.

We Take Care Of Everything For Your Home!

Emergency notification
Smart elevator controls
And much more
Convenient System Access By Phone Or Tablet
Trusted Analytics that Give Meaning To Security Data.
Our experts have undertaken system projects of all sizes and scopes, whether you need security system integration for your corporate office or retail store, an enterprise solution for multiple manufacturing buildings, or a complex integration for a stadium, university, hospital, or corporate campus. With over 60 offices across the World, we are leading the security system integrators with a global reach and local touch.
The peace of mind I have now is so comforting, knowing when I leave home I can still check in on my husband to make sure all is well.
Martin Qube Jr
Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities
Solutions That Reduce Cost & Increase Business Efficiency.
We will design, install, maintain and upgrade solutions to meet businesses' specific needs and budgets, from large enterprises to local business security platforms, from simple camera solutions for small offices to complex enterprise-class video surveillance systems for large campuses.
Our team can also provide security integration services for highly complex
facilities and offer preventative maintenance plans. Contact Us Now!
Tailored Solutions For Your Security Priorities

Protect Your Home Or Business With Our Unique Solutions

From large enterprises to local business security platforms, from simple camera solutions for small offices to complex enterprise class video systems for large campuses.

Explore Our Case Studies & Latest Sucess Stories.

For the Security and IT directors ensuring our places of work and leisure are safe. For the Chief Technology Officers shaping the smart businesses of tomorrow. We delivers powerful and insightful security solutions that enable protectors to drive forward.

We understand that in a complex world, it is not enough to solve the challenges of today, we need to be ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

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Provide better security and control for residential and business customers. Compare Security Options!

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    Networked systems with distributed video
    Advanced management video software
    Intelligent video technology storage
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